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Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in regulated finance

In 2008 blockchain became the first major iteration of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) with the launch of Bitcoin. Since then, DLT has developed significantly and use cases exist across many industries. In financial services – the most significant use cases remain within crypto-currencies; Created digitally from the outset. So how can the traditional, and heavily regulated, financial and investment industry take advantage of this technology innovation, and when?

During this session, Varun Atre, Calastone’s Head of Product shared his experience in DLT development that led to its introduction alongside traditional technologies forming Calastone’s unique Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI) in 2019.

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Calastone’s Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI) combines the connectivity of our global network with the very latest technologies, including distributed ledger technology (DLT) alongside our existing tech, to digitalise the fund distribution, administration and issuance processes.

DMI Fund Services is a suite of services that enable transfer agents, fund managers, and fund distributors to transform how they service their clients and lower the overall cost of investing.

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