Introducing DMI Fund Services______

Solving real business challenges through the smart application of technology

Introducing DMI Fund Services

A whole of market technology solution

DMI Fund Services allows transfer agents, fund managers and fund distributors to transform how they service their clients and lower the overall cost of investing.

By combining the connectivity of our global network with the very latest technologies, including distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cloud, we are able digitalise the fund distribution, administration and issuance processes and in doing so reduce the complexity and friction that challenges the industry today.

Breaking down the traditional funds value chain

Today’s funds value chain is dependent on the flow of transactions and data between a complex web of intermediaries, all of whom are required to record and reconcile the same transaction. This duplication and complexity creates market friction, cost and risk – and stifles innovation.

The Calastone Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI) transforms this traditional value chain by removing the dependency on the linear flow of data. Dynamic data sharing is made possible through secure permissioning, enabling all participants to access the data they need in real time.  Duplication is reduced and the reporting and reconciliation processes transformed, creating ultimate market efficiency.



DMI Fund Services provides a complete transfer agency technology solution enabling transfer agents and fund administrators to digitalise their core processing and data management activities and achieve their strategic business transformation goals on a fully digital and distributed register.

By giving all participants permissioned access to the register; firms can grow their businesses by delivering enhanced levels of client service, facilitating the trade of new investment models and by operating at a fraction of today’s operating cost.


DMI Fund Services gives fund managers a real-time view of all transactions and positions within each fund and its underlying assets. This empowers fund managers to become more responsive to market conditions and investor demands including: real-time NAVs, the creation of new investment models, the reduction of business cost and optimisation of liquidity management.


DMI Fund Services provides fund distributors and platforms with a simple way to connect to all their counterparts via their existing connectivity method and secure a real-time view of each investor’s fund trade and position information instantly. This eliminates time and resource consuming fund processing tasks while enabling firms to focus on servicing their investor’s demand for existing and new investment products.


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