DMI Settlements

DMI Settlements

Our DMI Settlements service reduces the time and effort required to identify and agree settlement values with trading partners.

Where settlement values are not netted, costs are incurred due to the financial provisions required to cover all settlement payment flows, tying up operating capital and reducing liquidity.

On the DMI, settlement values are automatically generated in real-time from the flow of all orders. Because these settlements are calculated net, liquidity is significantly improved as operating capital is no longer tied up.

Participants can also upload non DMI trades such as faxed orders or orders received over the phone to ensure that all trades that require settlement are included. They can therefore see a single position across all their trading paths.

Settlements can be viewed by counterparty, regardless of their location across the globe. Once settled all orders are automatically reflected onto the register: including orders executed outside of the DMI but loaded onto the DMI. For further information please view the Sub-Register service section.

  • Shows all settlement values broken down to the underlying orders
  • Gives the same visibility to all parties removing the need for settlement reconciliations