DMI Sub-Register ______

DMI Sub-Register

The DMI Sub-Register creates shared, real-time views of the registers between trading partners at any point in the distribution chain.

Once an order has been submitted and settled, the DMI automatically reflects the transaction onto a shared sub-registry that can be viewed by both the distributor and the fund manager.

By creating an external, reliable and accurate history of all orders and registry events the Sub-Register becomes a critical part of the business continuity planning for DMI clients. It allows them to understand and access trading information in real-time, helping them to create plans for outages in various parts of the administration chain.

  • Highly robust, accurate data platform which forms a single, immutable version of the truth
  • Shared visibility on the sub-register for all trading parties
  • Reduced reconciliations and errors as trading partners have access to the same high-quality data
  • Delivers a key safety net for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

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