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Market Insights

Calastone Market Insights is a market intelligence tool that sets new standards for timeliness and effectiveness, giving fund managers the most accurate, up-to-date market and distribution data in the industry.

We are ahead of the curve. Our intuitive data visualisation tool is updated weekly, ahead of any other data source in the market, drawing on primary trade execution data.

It allows fund managers to respond quickly to changing market trends and client behaviour, while optimising the performance of the distribution chain. This saves time, money and resource.

Calastone Market Insights offers:

  • Weekly data updates based on settled trade data – allowing fund managers to respond quickly to investor buying trends instead of waiting months for aggregated / survey-based data
  • Accurate oversight of an organisation’s distributors – sharpening the sales team’s focus on revenue opportunities
  • Unrivalled funds market coverage – enabling firms to benchmark their performance using our leading universe of data
  • Flexible dashboards and powerful data-mining and analytics tools – making performance benchmarking easy

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