Order Routing

Calastone Order Routing automates the transaction flow between trading parties in the mutual funds industry, providing a fully interoperable global solution.

By connecting to the Calastone Transaction Network, fund distributors are able to seamlessly place and route orders directly to fund managers. Automated transaction and pricing notifications are initiated and distributed as part of our single automated order routing process, thus providing early notification of receipt and price confirmation.

Calastone enables clients to connect and communicate with trading counterparties in any messaging standard or protocol (including ISO 20022/15022, FIX protocols and many proprietary formats). We can also connect directly to other messaging networks, including SWIFT and FIX, on our clients’ behalf.

Through this single connection to our network, clients benefit from full straight-through-processing (STP), delivering immediate operational efficiencies and removing the risk associated with manual processing. By connecting to our network, users have access to our full global community of over 18,000 trading links, offering easy access to new markets and funds.

  • Interoperable – supporting over 190 different message formats
  • Global coverage – 20,000 trading links across 41 countries and territories
  • Full operational support – proactive real-time monitoring
  • Easy implementation – no upfront costs or scaled development required
  • Single point of access – connect to SWIFT, FIX and other messaging networks


Barings has been benefiting from Calastone’s transaction network since its inception in May 2008. By extending our use of their network to reach Asia, we are able to reduce costs and risks, and increase efficiency; ultimately providing our clients with greater choice and an improved service.

Head of Mutual Fund Dealing, Barings

Case Study: Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) joined the Calastone network initially as a fund manager and more recently as a platform, allowing client access to GSAM funds through Calastone’s Order Routing service.

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