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Calastone Trade Notification automates settlement communications for distribution to domestic and cross-border custodians.

As trades are processed across Calastone’s Order Routing service, the price notification is issued as part of each order. Trade Notification captures the price data together with static data, creating the settlement instruction. This instruction is then automatically sent to the custodian. This enables the custodian to then settle with the fund manager.

Most fund managers communicate with a large number of custodians, through a variety of different formats meaning that managing these messages manually can be time consuming and costly.

Trade Notification gives clients full STP by routing trade settlement instructions seamlessly as an integrated part of the order routing process. This negates any need to create additional instructions for the custodian.

Through a single connection clients can realise operational efficiency and cost benefits in post-trade processing. No additional development is required by either the client or the custodian, so implementation is fast and easy.

  • Removes need for manual contract notes
  • Single process – integrated with order routing process
  • Full STP
  • Real-time visibility

Case Study: Ruffer

Having signed with Calastone in April 2011 for order routing services, Ruffer LLP has since made it a priority to automate trade processing as much as possible.

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