Calastone in Taiwan ______

Connecting Taiwan fund distributors to the world's largest community of funds

As the longest service provider of order routing and reporting services in Taiwan, we support the local fund distributors by simplifying and automating the fund trading and reporting processes in the following ways:

  • One connection to all offshore fund managers – Instant connectivity to the leading range of offshore fund managers irrespective of connectivity methods (e.g. SWIFT)
  • Automated trading – Generate automated receipts and price messages for full transparency of each fund trade
  • Automated reporting – Obtain fund transaction reports quickly and reliably while eliminating the challenges and costs associated to reconciling data from offshore fund managers in multiple data formats

Why Calastone?

  • Market Commitment – As the leading provider of order routing and reporting solutions, we are committed to the Taiwan market having launched in 2011
  • Reduced Operational Risk – Automated trade and reporting process cuts the risk of human errors and delays that come with manual activities, while providing full visibility over each fund trade with real time view of fund status
  • Cost Management – Transaction costs are paid by fund managers not distributors
  • Fund Access – Give investors access to the largest funds range possible with one connection to the world’s leading funds network

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