Calastone Dividends fully automates the communication of dividend information to improve the dividend distribution process. This helps prevent late payments to the end investor and minimises time spent resolving queries.

We strive to help our clients manage their resources as efficiently as possible. At a time when investors want a value-for-money service, Calastone Dividends works to address a clear problem easily and quickly for the benefit of everyone involved. Upon the announcement of a dividend by the fund, the Calastone network receives automated event details, including provisional and confirmed rate and holding data, from the transfer agent, which are translated to the relevant format for the distributor.

All dividend events can be downloaded in bulk or delivered via an automated message or file.

Calastone Dividends delivers:

  • Improved input management: Dividend information, including rates and holdings, is delivered in a straight-through process, in the format of choice, into distributor systems from the fund manager or transfer agent. This helps to reduce late payments to the end investor.
  • Lower risk and reduced resource requirements: The automatic process delivers dividend information in one consistent format, removing the need to manually source and collate data from multiple sources in different formats.

Calastone Dividends Q&A with Sharn Rai, Product Development Director

In this Q&A Sharn Rai outlines some of the key features and benefits of our fully automated dividends solution.

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