Making a difference______

Over the last decade we have transformed the process of investing in funds, improving the operational efficiency and economics of our customers, and in doing so are helping to create the investment landscape of the future; one that is accessible to all.

We are proud to be making a difference in the markets that we serve and recognise our duty to operate in a responsible, ethical and sustainable way. It’s our aim to positively impact the markets and communities where we operate and the environment where we all live.

Making a difference through Corporate Social Responsibility

Calastone is at its core a network – connecting people and organisations around the world. We understand the power of a network, and how by working together we can achieve more.

We are committed to supporting our people, sharing ideas and leveraging our collective resources to make a difference now and in the future. Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of our business and built around our three CSR networks – Our People, Our Community and Our World

Empowering our people to make a difference

Every member of the Calastone team is encouraged to be socially responsible and each year pledge their own personal objective to support our CSR mission and networks. By continually challenging ourselves in how we perform our roles, how we operate and how we engage with our clients, partners and suppliers, we aim to continually improve our business and drive positive change. We believe that if everyone commits to making small changes that great change can come.

“How we conduct our business is just as important as what we do “
Julien Hammerson, CEO, Calastone

Our People

We support and encourage individual and organisational efforts to create and operate an inclusive and safe environment, where our differences are embraced and valued. We encourage all employees to get involved with charitable and community events and employee volunteering opportunities. At Calastone, we ensure that equal opportunities are in place and continually invest in the health and well-being of our people.

Our Community

Our business helps the investment industry operate efficiently by using technology to reduce friction and waste. Our vision is to create a funds ecosystem that delivers better value to all, including the end investor. We recognise that many people and communities are not able to save and invest and whose needs are more acute. That’s why we have decided to support a global network of charities who help address hunger and food waste, bringing local communities together and redistributing surplus food.

We provide opportunities for our employees to contribute to these efforts throughout the year, placing an emphasis on leveraging our skills to help others in effective ways and investing in their futures.

Our World

We strive to continually improve our impact on the planet, ensuring we run our business and operations as responsibly and sustainably as possible. We endeavour to establish a working culture in which environmental implications are routinely and pervasively considered and through sharing knowledge and education our employees are encouraged to live eco-friendly lives beyond Calastone.

Our networks

Our Community

Our People

Our World

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