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Calastone fully digitalises global order routing, settlement and registry updates for mutual funds via the Distributed Market Infrastructure. It enables all market participants to benefit through the real-time view of each fund transaction, and agree on the data and the outcome, ensuring there is a single, accurate version of all trades and balances. By placing each element of the transaction onto a blockchain, there is less opportunity for errors or reconciliation issues at individual register levels.

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As the network has expanded, the amount of distribution data that flows across the network has increased. In having access to this information, we are uniquely positioned to collect large amounts of nominee level distribution data. This gives us the strong foundation on which to build our Data Services product, providing clients with powerful distribution insights.

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Calastone offers automation across the whole transaction lifecycle, from the initial order all the way through to the reconciliation and settlement of the order. With a single connection to Calastone, client organisations are able to seamlessly trade with any part of our global network.

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We are committed to constantly improving the user experience at all points along the user journey. Connecting to Calastone and automating our order flow means our clients will benefit from improved operational efficiency and even easier access to investment products from leading fund managers.

Chief Executive Officer, James Hay Partnership

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