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Making investing accessible to all

Calastone is the largest global funds network, connecting the world’s leading financial organisations.

Our mission is to help the funds industry transform by creating innovative new ways to automate and digitalise the global investment funds marketplace, reducing frictional costs and lowering operational risk to the benefit of all. Through this, we make investing more accessible, generating the opportunity for the industry to deliver greater value for the investor.

Over 4,000 clients in 55 countries and territories benefit from Calastone’s services, processing £250 billion of investment value each month.

Calastone is headquartered in London and has offices in Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, New York, Milan and Sydney.

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Slashing industry costs

Through the digitalisation of funds, costs are lowered and investing becomes more accessible.

“Great strides are being made in the mutual fund industry to achieve greater efficiencies and STP. We took the decision to connect to Calastone because we believe that our clients will benefit from more choice. “
CEO, Link Asset Services

The future starts with asking why

If something doesn’t work, then change it. That’s the spark that ignites Calastone. We’ve made it our mission to help the funds industry transform. To find innovative new ways to automate and streamline the global funds marketplace and reduce frictional costs for the benefit of all.

We’re not afraid of change. Real progress only comes when you challenge the status quo.

We started by asking why so much of an investment gets lost in the process. And when we couldn’t find an answer that satisfied us, we created the Calastone Transaction Network, a way to communicate electronically and automate order routing. This slashed industry costs overnight and created a new benchmark. It was ground-breaking. Resilient. Globally scalable. We saw the difference it made and it inspired us to want to do more.

Now with the Distributed Market Infrastructure, we are poised on the edge of an exciting new era. Distributed ledger technology will enable us to extend the benefits of digitalisation across the industry and drive a revolution in how asset management operates.

We are ready. We won’t stop until everyone is seamlessly connected on a new marketplace. Until the asset management industry is fully automated, globally connected and frictionless. Re-energised with all market participants empowered to evolve their business models, enabling scale to innovate and innovation to scale. Delivering more value for the end investor.

This is the future. And it starts with asking why.




More than 4,000 clients process trades through our network


We connect funds across 55 different countries and territories for truly global coverage


We operate in excess of 39,000+ trading links

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