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ETF Servicing

Calastone ETF Servicing is a unique ETF administration platform created specifically for managing the full ETF lifecycle in the primary market.

The solution was designed specifically for the ETF industry and is powered by our Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI). It uses the latest technologies together with our unique microservice architecture to enable real-time processing and visibility of order management through to the underlying trading in a highly secure environment.

Global solution bringing efficiency and visibility to ETF administration

Our ETF solution digitalises the primary market ETF lifecycle. The unified workflow lets administrators eliminate manual processes and the need to move data between third-party tools/spreadsheets.

Calastone’s ability to integrate with each member in the value chain – authorised participant (AP), ETF issuer, portfolio composition file (and other reference data) providers, common depository and fund accountant – means the administrator can give the market a real-time process and end-to-end visibility.

Simplifying and automating how the primary ETF market connects, trades and communicates

  • ETF Order Capture – Automatically bring all ETF creation/liquidation requests together with other static data sources, including PCFs, to create an expected trade book.
  • ETF Order Management – Give authorised participants (APs) and ETF issuers a more accurate view of their daily liquidity needs with automated ETF pricing (‘Nav+’ and ‘Actual Cost’ price calculation methods) as well as a real time view of the trade book.
  • ETF Registry – Common depositories are automatically instructed to mark up/down the number of shares in issue upon settlement for quick and accurate reconciliation between systems.
  • ETF Settlement – Automatically inform the custodian of a creation/liquidation and initiate the settlement process.

Introducing Calastone ETF Servicing

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Q&A On Calastone ETF Servicing with Dave McGuinness, Product Director
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