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Fund Managers

More than ever, fund managers need to optimise the way they distribute their funds, while managing market volatility and the demand for greater transparency.

We are committed to driving automation to improve our clients’ operational efficiency and so allow them to focus on what matters most – the business opportunities open to them.

We connect fund managers to their counterparties across the fund lifecycle, from distributors and transfer agents to corporates, custodians and fund accountants. By automating the trade execution, fund distribution and reporting processes, fund managers can quickly capitalise on new opportunities and achieve their operational efficiency / liquidity goals.

Using our Distributed Market Infrastructure, fund managers have a more scalable funds infrastructure that simplifies how they connect to distributors across the world and helps create new global opportunities.

Fund managers

We help fund managers to deploy leaner operating models while focusing on fund performance and delivering new products / ways of investing. Our goal is to simplify how fund managers connect to their distribution network, automate cumbersome tasks and enable the delivery of accurate, real-time fund data.

Liquidity fund managers

Calastone’s Money Market Services (MMS) directly connects liquidity fund managers to their investors using a fully automated trade process, including integrated reporting and settlements. This eliminates the risk inherent in manual processing at every stage of the chain and reduces the cost of the asset class. It also helps companies, public sector organisations and financial institutions balance their investment security, liquidity and yield objectives.


  • Fund ServicesBy combining the unrivalled connectivity of our global network with the latest technologies, including distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cloud, fund managers can digitalise the fund issuance process and become more responsive to market conditions and investor demands.
    • Contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC)Create more profitable CDSC products and enhance sales opportunities by using one automated CDSC process to remove unnecessary cost and friction from the fund lifecycle.
  • Order routing and settlements – We connect the order routing and settlements processes to give fund managers an accurate view of their trade information, delivering in-flight trade status and net cash positions across multiple fund ranges and geographies. This means more control over their business and its liquidity, with the ability to deliver faster reporting to distributors and investors.
  • Transfers – We provide clients with a faster fund transfer process that only takes a few days. The global service supports all types of transfer models and can switch between models depending on each counterparty’s preferences and jurisdiction.
  • DividendsAn automated feed ensures prompt, accurate dividend information from fund managers in any format.
  • ReportingWe automate the delivery of statements of holdings and transactions to all counterparties, using the channel and format of choice – single electronic file, automated to the back-office system, or by downloading from the Calastone portal.
  • Money Markets ServicesWe directly connect liquidity fund managers and portals to treasurers and their treasury management system so that they can differentiate their offering and grow assets under management with a fully digitised, end-to-end service across the investment process and reporting. By automating the trade, reporting, settlement and sweeps processes firms can deliver a superior level of service, with less chance of error or the need for manual intervention.

Case study: Rathbones

Rathbones is one of the UK’s leading providers of investment management services for individuals, charities and professional advisers.

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