Why Calastone?

We believe in making funds accessible to everyone through connection to our global fund transaction network

Helping the industry interoperate

Much of the industry still transact through manual, cumbersome processes. Such approaches are proven to be expensive, risky and prevent firms from driving benefit through the investment chain. Our fully digital global network allows participants across the funds industry to seamlessly interact and trade with one another, ensuring that they can transact faster and more efficiently, while significantly reducing the risks associated with manual processing methods.

With just one connection to our network firms can, irrespective of their size, role or location, transact with any counterparty and in any message format. There is no need to upgrade existing infrastructure or incur any upfront costs. Operating an entirely open and interoperable network, we support and enable transactions in any and all electronic standards.

Operational excellence

Be secure in the knowledge that our team is always on-hand, providing support across international markets and time zones. Our 24-hour support service is available in multiple languages, 5.5 days a week, ensuring that we are always available when the market is open.

Our support is unique in that we track and manage each order throughout the lifecycle. This enables any client issues to be solved immediately, and in many cases the avoidance of the incident entirely. Over 95% of enquiries raised are resolved at first point of contact. You can learn more about what our customers have to say about us here.

Customer stories

Learn how organisation across the world are using Calastone to increase efficiency, reduce risk and lower the cost of their operations.