Calastone Transfers marks a break with the old way of doing things. It automates the transfer of client assets between fund platforms without the client’s investments having to be redeemed.

By challenging the established processes, we have accelerated the transfer process across the globe, reducing the time frame from weeks to days. This minimises time out of the market for the investor and helps firms make an instant impression on new clients with the quality of their service.

This unique global service harmonises different market standards by supporting both the single and double-leg transfer models. We allow a transfer to take place when counterparties are using different models or are in different jurisdictions.

Investors can therefore transfer their assets more quickly with guaranteed certainty and transparency.

Calastone Transfers offers a number of key advantages:

  • Operational efficiency: An accurate, fast and reliable STP transfer process cuts costs and lets organisations focus on their business’ critical tasks and client experience
  • Certainty and transparency: Oversight across the entire process protects investor interests
  • Low cost, easy to implement and use: Fast onboarding with the support of a dedicated service team
  • Proven solution: We have experience delivering fund transfer solutions in multiple countries

Webinar recording: Calastone Transfers made easy

Sharn Rai, Product Manager, Calastone, provides an overview of how Calastone’s proven domestic and cross border transfers solution can transcend issues surrounding counterparty connectivity and differing standards, while automating the transfer of client fund holdings between fund platforms, without their investments being redeemed.

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