Money Market Services______

Money Market Services

Calastone’ Money Market Services is changing the economics of the money market fund investment process for money market fund investors, treasury systems, portals and fund providers with a flexible digital solution delivered via API, or another preferred file format.

Corporates, public sector organisations and financial institutions

We enable all money market fund investors to:

  • Achieve greater investment certainty
  • Cut risk with one automated and transparent process
  • Access any fund more easily
  • Get better levels of service from their portals and fund providers

FACTSHEET – Money Market Services (Corporates)

Fund providers and portals

Our flexible solution has been adopted in different ways to help fund providers and portals to:

  • Address specific business inefficiencies and reduce administrative burdens
  • Differentiate their offering by creating a superior cash management experience
  • Streamline TMS connectivity

FACTSHEET – Money Market Services (Fund Providers)

Why choose Calastone?

Proven – Calastone has strong credentials when connecting the global funds marketplace with digital solutions. We are used by almost all the world’s leading fund providers (19 of the top 20) and portals to connect them to their investors via any treasury system.

One trusted connection to the whole market – Our unique approach lets investors send and settle trades and receive relevant reporting with any provider using any treasury system and connectivity method. Moreover, fund providers only need one connection to Calastone to be connected to all their investors, and any treasury system.

Reduced risk, operational impact, full transparency – Automated investment process – trade, settlement, reporting, sweeps – creates investment certainty and cuts the risk of error and delay posed by having multiple parties, systems and processes in the chain of events.

Automate your money market fund investment process with one connection to Calastone

  • Trade placement using any treasury system – All trades can be placed using a preferred treasury system, or directly with Calastone, before being automatically routed to the liquidity fund provider / portal.
  • Settlement using any bank – Calastone automatically instructs an investor’s bank to make payment as soon as a trade is accepted or confirmed.
  • Reporting between systems – Fund information is automatically delivered to the investor’s preferred treasury system as soon as it is made available.
  • Sweeps from any bank account – Surplus cash balance information is shared and invested automatically.

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