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Money Market Services

Calastone’s Money Market Services (MMS) helps companies, public sector organisations and financial institutions balance their security, liquidity and yield objectives when investing surplus cash.

We are transforming the way the liquidity markets work. We are directly connecting liquidity fund managers to their investors, using a fully automated trade process that includes integrated reporting and settlements. This eliminates the risk inherent in manual processing at every stage of the chain and potentially reduces the cost of the asset class.

MMS delivers key benefits:

  • Lower cost: MMS cuts cost and risk from the asset class by removing the need for manual rekeying of information between systems
  • Control over investments: Liquidity fund managers can give their investors greater control over their investments with real-time, integrated reporting. Reports contain detailed breakdowns on cash holdings, positions, rates, accruals and more
  • Fast onboarding: New investors can be onboarded quickly so they can start investing in days rather than being out of the market for a prolonged period of time.
  • Accessibility: Liquidity fund managers can grow fund inflows by making their entire fund range available to investors through a single direct connection.

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