Share Class Conversions ____________

Share Class Conversions ______

Calastone Share Class Conversions (SCC) lets fund firms automate the conversions process and avoids the need for their investors to redeem their investments.

As the world’s largest funds network, firms using the solution can support conversion requests and instructions from any other firm whether they are a user of the Calastone service or not.

The scalable solution alleviates the strain on teams when trying to meet the regulatory deadline, avoids investors being forced to sell out of assets and optimises the overall experience.

Calastone SCC offers a number of advantages:

  • Meet market requirements – Give investors access to the widest range of fund options and simplify the movement between funds.
  • Fully traceable process – All parties can monitor the status of a SCC in real time and maintain a clear audit trail during and after completion.
  • A solution that scales with demand – Automated solution that can handle multiple conversion requests.
  • Full market coverage – Use your preferred vendor to send conversion requests to any other party.

Webinar on demand: Introducing Calastone Share Class Conversions (SCC)

Learn more about the solution from Sharn Rai, Product Manager, Calastone, and Ben Carew-Gibbs, Relationship Manager, Calastone

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