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Asset Servicers

We help asset servicers – transfer agents, custodians and fund accountants – by providing a simple, consistent way to connect to all their fund managers. We understand the importance of speed, accuracy and cost containment.

By delivering accurate, real-time fund information, we remove unnecessary fund processing costs and risk. This gives firms a more robust and efficient back office with the ability to use accurate data for the benefit of their clients.

Asset servicers looking to build out their business resilience can set up an API as a secondary connection to Calastone from anywhere in their back office system.

Through our Distributed Market Infrastructure, asset servicers can leverage distributed ledger technology to access the world’s largest investment fund network. This simplifies the way they connect and communicate with all their counterparties while providing them with an accurate, real-time view of their fund-related information.



  • Order routing and settlements – We connect the order routing and settlements processes to give asset servicers an accurate view of their clients’ fund information for more efficient data processing and faster, more accurate client reporting.
    • Connectivity – We use our technology to connect firms with their counterparties across a multitude of geographies, as well as functions and departments within the same corporate entity, for instant operational and information-sharing efficiencies.
  • Transfers – We provide clients with a faster fund transfer process that only takes a few days. The global service supports all types of transfer model and can switch between models depending on each counterparty’s preferences and jurisdiction.
  • Dividends – An automated feed ensures prompt, accurate dividend information from fund managers in any format.
  • Reporting – We automate the delivery of statements of holdings and transactions to all counterparties, using the channel and format of choice – single electronic file, automated to the back office system, or by downloading from the Calastone portal.


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