Calastone Reporting brings simplicity and consistency to reporting and reconciliations. It eliminates the need to manually source and collate domestic and cross-border fund holdings from multiple sources and different formats. Distributors can focus on their investors knowing they can reconcile more quickly and more accurately, as well as forecast liquidity requirements more easily. This frees them to focus on servicing their investors.

We accept statement of holdings and transactions in numerous formats and various connectivity methods from multiple fund managers and transfer agents. We then convert the information into a single file for distributors to integrate the information quickly and easily into their business for further use.

Distributors can receive files electronically, integrated with their back office systems or download from Calastone’s client portal.

Calastone Reporting offers:

  • One consistent file for fast integration – distributors can re-focus resources on servicing the investor and away from manually managing numerous data feeds
  • Faster reconciliations – distributors can maintain their own accurate view of the register by having their investors’ transaction data fed directly into their systems. This avoids time-consuming manual checks between databases and across teams and supports quicker query resolution with transfer agents.

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CALASTONE WRAP REPORTING – Enables Australian fund managers to automatically ingest platform reports and have the option to enrich these reports with adviser level information. This means they can remove the time lag and risk posed by manually inserting data into a system and spend more time optimising their adviser relationships and service levels.

Case Study: MainstreamBPO

MainstreamBPO group is an ASX listed provider of specialist fund administration solutions for the financial services industry. With a global presence, Mainstream administer nearly 450 funds, and have over AU$95bn in funds under administration.

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