We work with fund platforms and liquidity portals/platforms to simplify how they connect and communicate with their ecosystem.

Fund Platforms

Platform providers use our direct model to reduce the number of third parties they interface with and the associated risk and cost requirements of a more complex chain of counterparties.

We automate the flow of information between parties by creating a straight-through processing environment using our scalable and agnostic services. This supports the delivery of a leaner operating model and faster query resolution by accessing the fund manager and transfer agent directly.

Liquidity Portals / Platforms

Calastone Money Market Services (MMS) enables liquidity portals to provide their investors with a superior service that differentiates them from the rest of the market. Portals use our fully automated trade, reporting, settlement and sweeps process to eliminate the risks inherent in manual processing while helping to cut internal costs. Calastone is regularly called upon to onboard new investors in days so that portals can begin to realise revenues and inflows faster.


  • Fund ServicesBy combining the unrivalled connectivity of our global network with the latest technologies, including distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cloud, we are digitalising the fund distribution process, enabling fund platforms to focus on servicing their investors and meeting the rising demand for new investment products.
  • Order routing and settlements – Platform providers work with us to achieve scale and back office efficiency using our connected order routing and settlement process. This automates the fund lifecycle, provides a real-time view of trade status and settlement positions, and allows them to optimise intra-day funding.
  • Transfers – Platforms can easily communicate fund transfer information with their fund managers and distributors. With our fast process, a transfer only takes a few days. The global service supports all types of transfer model and can switch between models depending on each counterparty’s preferences and jurisdiction.
  • DividendsWe help platforms to give a more accurate and faster service to their investors by making the delivery of dividend communications an automated process.
  • ReportingWe automate the delivery of statements of holdings and transactions to all counterparties, using the channel and format of choice – single electronic file, automated to the back-office system, or by downloading from the Calastone portal.
  • Money Market ServicesWe directly connect liquidity portals to their investors and fund managers with fully automated trade, reporting, settlement and sweep processes. By making the trade and reporting processes real time and cutting the risk of error posed by manual activities, portals can provide a superior investor service.

Case study: Goldman Sachs Asset Management

Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) joined the Calastone network initially as a fund manager and more recently as a platform, allowing client access to GSAM funds through Calastone’s Order Routing service.

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