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The ability to access a full range of funds while making sure the investment process is accurate and transparent has never been more important.

With our drive for innovation and automation, we are streamlining the investment process – while providing access to the world’s largest network of investment and liquidity funds, transfer agents and custodians.

Through our Distributed Market Infrastructure, distributors and institutional investors benefit from distributed ledger technology, simplifying the way they connect and communicate with their counterparties. We digitalise the end-to-end investment and reporting process, cutting costs and improving reporting accuracy and speed.


Distributors can focus their resources on delivering value to investors by speeding up the reconciliation process and delivering more timely and accurate reporting using real-time fund data. They are able to manage their positions and forecast their liquidity requirements with greater accuracy.

Our leading global coverage lets distributors expand their service offering across more locations, enabling them to meet the growing cross-border needs of fund managers directly.

Institutional investors

Calastone’s Money Market Services (MMS) helps companies, public sector organisations and financial institutions balance their security, liquidity and yield objectives when investing surplus cash.

Our fully automated trade process with integrated reporting and settlement digitalises the end-to-end process. It eliminates the risk inherent in manual processing still evident at every stage of the transaction chain, while potentially reducing the cost of the asset class.



  • Order routing and settlements – We connect the order routing and settlements processes to give fund managers an accurate view of their trade information, delivering in-flight trade status and net cash positions across multiple fund ranges and geographies. This means more control over their business and its liquidity, with the ability to deliver faster reporting to distributors and investors.
    • Connectivity – We use our technology to connect firms with their counterparties across a multitude of geographies, as well as functions and departments within the same corporate entity, for instant operational and information-sharing efficiencies.
  • Transfers – We provide clients with a faster fund transfer process that only takes a few days. The global service supports all types of transfer model and can switch between models depending on each counterparty’s preferences and jurisdiction.
  • DividendsAn automated feed ensures prompt, accurate dividend information from fund managers in any format.
  • ReportingWe automate the delivery of statements of holdings and transactions to all counterparties, using the channel and format of choice – single electronic file, automated to the back-office system, or by downloading from the Calastone portal.
  • Money Markets ServicesWe directly connect liquidity fund managers to treasurers and their treasury management system so that they can capitalise on growing global opportunities. We automate the reporting process for faster delivery and less risk of error through manual intervention. Reports contain detailed breakdowns of cash holdings, positions, rates, accruals and more.

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