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Order Routing & Settlements

Calastone Order Routing and Settlements is a global, multi-bank and multi-currency solution that connects and automates the trading, reporting, settlement and payment processes. It gives fund managers, transfer agents and distributors/platforms a real time view of the status of all their domestic and global fund trades, payment status and liquidity requirements.

Our automated whole of market solution enables firms to speed up the fund trading and settlement lifecycle by eliminating fragmented processes and time-consuming tasks while easily meeting the settlement requirements of every jurisdiction.

The end result is greater trade certainty and liquidity control with reduced fund trading and settlement risk and cost, and a simplification of various manual activities, from the integration of third party trade data to instructing payments from any bank.

Simplifying the fund trading lifecycle
Our ethos is to make global fund trading, settlement, reporting, dividend and transfer processing as simple as possible. We do this in three ways:

  • Flexible connectivity model – connect to the Calastone network once using your preferred connectivity method, including API, and instantly start trading and settling with all your business partners. We can even help you improve how you share information across your business by connecting your divisions or regional entities more effectively.
  • Leading operational support – we are known for providing market leading levels of operational support, such as proactive and predictive monitoring and guidance over capacity management.
  • Fast onboarding – Our highly regarded operations team are known for their ability to onboard users in days.

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CALASTONE REPORTING – Simplifies how fund managers/transfer agents deliver statements of holdings and transactions to distributors. This makes the reconciliations process faster and more transparent while reducing data discrepancies and work duplication.

CALASTONE TRADE NOTIFICATION – Gives fund managers the ability to automate the distribution of trading information with their service providers, avoiding delays. For custodians, having real-time settlement updates of all trading partner activity makes it easier to manage daily liquidity requirements:

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CALASTONE WRAP REPORTING – Enables Australian fund managers to automatically ingest platform reports and have the option to enrich these reports with adviser level information. This means they can remove the time lag and risk posed by manually inserting data into a system and spend more time optimising their adviser relationships and service levels.

Order Routing & Settlements Introduction

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