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Order Routing & Settlements

Calastone Order Routing and Settlements brings real-time visibility through the fund lifecycle and drives out cost. It connects both processes to give our network of fund managers, transfer agents and distributors a real-time view of their fund trades and settlement positions. With reliable and timely information instantly available in a robust trading environment, the industry can focus on giving its clients the service they demand.

Our Distributed Market Infrastructure provides a shared view of settlement positions across all counterparties, so fund managers and distributors can calculate end of day net settlement positions easily and quickly, helping to meet and forecast daily cash obligations. This automates costly, time-consuming tasks such as reconciliations and the forecasting of net cash payments with all counterparties.


Calastone Connectivity digitalises the entire funds industry. We believe that connectivity provides the foundation for every advance in timeliness and efficiency. We help transform the way organisations connect to counterparties externally and share information internally. We connect trading counterparties across a multitude of geographies as well as functions and departments within the same corporate entity so they can share information quickly, efficiently and accurately:

  • Market connectivity – our network gives clients instant access to 2,300+ counterparties using numerous connection methods, including an API which is a faster, more robust and data sharing method that avoids manual errors and system issues. Often the API is used as a secondary link to Calastone for business resilience purposes.
  • Intra-organisation connectivity – we automate the way organisations share information. By connecting their divisions and regional entities, data can be shared more quickly without the manual errors and system issues.

Trade Notification

Calastone Trade Notification gives fund managers the ability to automate the flow of trading information with their service providers, further increasing straight-through processing rates.

This eliminates any delay in fund data reaching the service providers or any need to instruct the custodian manually. For custodians, having real-time settlement updates of all trading partner activity makes it easier to manage daily liquidity requirements.

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Calastone Reporting simplifies the way fund managers or their transfer agents deliver statements of holdings and transactions to their distributors. They can automate the delivery using any channel or format – single electronic file, straight through processing to the back-office system or by download from the Calastone portal.

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Wrap Reporting

Calastone Wrap Reporting service allows Australian fund managers to receive Australian fund distribution platform reports in a single consistent format with the option to enrich these reports with adviser level information. Fund managers get more useable platform reports to build a consolidated view of their adviser activity and focus their sales teams on those advisers making a difference to their business.

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