Automated and digital trading for robo-advisors______

Competitive robo-advisors know that investor trust is key. Brand success is built on the ability to deliver a compelling offering at the right price.

This means having access to the widest range of funds and automated trading solutions.

As the largest global fund network, Calastone gives you access to all the leading funds and a scalable trading solution that grows as you grow. Simplicity is key.

  • Connect once – One connection to Calastone, using any connectivity method (incl. API) means you are instantly connected to over 2,800 fund firms
  • Cost effective – Eliminate the need to maintain multiple connections with multiple trading partners
  • Fast onboarding – Start trading with multiple business partners immediately
  • Full transparency – Real time visibility on each trade and its status
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Our short 15 minute webinar tells you how Calastone can help speed up the fund investment process via a completely digital solution.

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