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Making a difference – caring for our planet

As a responsible business we act to minimise our impact on the environment.

By modernising and transforming our use of technology and datacentres we are actively reducing our impact on the environment. Since 2020 we have reduced our infrastructure energy consumption by 50%, reducing our carbon emissions by c. 30,000 KG of CO2 per year.

We promote environmental awarenessin our offices and beyond, by providing resources for learning about environmental issues and a forum for exchanging eco-friendly tips and ideas. Across our office network we use only renewable energy supplies wherever possible.

Our global team consciously works to reduce our environmental impactby reducing the waste we send to landfill, increasing the proportion of waste recycled from our offices encouraging everyone to eschew single-use plastics, and limiting and offsetting our collective carbon footprint.

We are (literally) creating greener offices by encouraging and enabling everyone to grow, care for, and even exchange plants in the office.