Panel: Risk, Data & Cash Management – Re-tooling for a Resilient Future (Hosted by Treasury Management International)______

Preparing for the unknown is a challenge. Advanced treasurers are getting access to real time useable data while continuing to manage their firms’ cash and liquidity requirements and strategically advance their role and team capabilities.

  • How are firms changing the risk vs return paradigm by integrating their treasury systems with providers further up the chain?
  • How are firms making the cash flow forecasting process easier, more accurate and real-time?
  • What can treasurers do to instigate change in areas they really care about?
Moderator Eleanor Hill, Editor, Treasury Management International (TMI) Panel Jonathan Spirgel, Managing Director, Hazeltree Luc Vlaminck, Group Treasurer, Remy Cointreau Jim Scurlock, Director, Global Cash Management, Microsoft Ed Lopez, Chief Revenue Officer, Calastone Please contact us for more information on Calastone's Money Market service.

White paper: Money market funds in uncertain times
Webinar on demand: Money market funds in uncertain times - Investors demand digitalisation and resilience
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