Panel: To remain relevant, firms must embrace the new. But what haven’t fund firms grasped as digitalisation and new technologies takes hold of the industry?______

As firms look to accommodate new asset classes, find ways to become more resilient and cut cost at pace; could culture and workforce sustainability be as much of the answer as big tech and the ability to implement digitalisation at both the strategic rather and tactical levels?

  • How are leaders embracing this wave of digital innovation as a source of competitive differentiation?
  • Are DeFi and ESG really the long term saviours of the funds industry?
  • How are firms thinking differently about their organisation in order to deliver real world business and investor outcomes?

Henning Swabey,
Managing Director, Head of Continental Europe, Calastone

Anne Lise Kjaer, Futurist, Kjaer Global
Rajeev Tummala, Director Markets & Securities Services, HSBC
Nasir Zubairi, CEO, LHoFT