Webinar: Innovating the Primary Market: Unlocking Tech Potential in ETF Servicing______

During this 45-minute webinar, Marc Knowles, ETF Consultant, Calastone, and Robert Rushe, Global Head of Product, HSBC, will discuss some of the key findings of our recent survey on ETF servicing.

The webinar aims to shed light on the pivotal role of state-of-the-art ETF servicing technology for issuers, asset servicers, authorized participants, and investors.

Moderated by Paul Elflain, Head of DMI Sales, Calastone, this webinar will also explore:

  • Market Evolution: Analysing ETF market growth with a special focus on the integration of active managers
  • Strategic Asset Servicing: Discussing its critical impact on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for ETF investors.
  • Operational Excellence: Exploring the key facets of efficient ETF servicing, including order management, PMTC calculation, and settlement processes.
  • Regulatory Impacts: Evaluating the consequences of T+1 and CSDR regulations on APs, and how excellence in operational processes can mitigate risks and costs.
  • Innovation in Focus: A look into a future with tokenisation

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  • Paul Elflain (moderator)

    Paul Elflain (moderator)

    Head of DMI Sales, Calastone
  • Marc Knowles

    Marc Knowles

    Senior ETF Advisor, Calastone
  • Robert Rushe

    Robert Rushe

    Global Product Head, HSBC

Event details

23 April 2024