Tokenisation – seeking standardisation through collaboration______

Adam Belding, Chief Technology Officer

Tokenisation, the process whereby ownership of an asset or a pool of assets can be fractionalised into ‘tokens’, has the power to transform the world of collective investments. As we have discussed in a number of recent articles, white papers and webinars, this concept could pave the way for a simpler and cheaper way for investors to access assets which traditionally might have been off-limits to them due to their high fees, minimum investment criteria or illiquidity.

Given the transformative power of this concept, we are actively seeking, as the largest global funds network, to provide a clear pathway to adoption of tokenisation and token based assets, bringing these benefits to the funds industry. To achieve this, standardisation will be fundamental. Just as the adoption of standards like HTTP and HTML propelled the growth of the web, we believe that the standardisation of digital tokens will unlock a wave of innovation across financial services and beyond by allowing interoperability across multiple platforms and infrastructures.

This is why we have just joined the InterWork Alliance (IWA), a non-profit, platform neutral organisation dedicated to creating the standards frameworks that are needed to make tokenisation a reality. This could create the opportunity for game-changing innovation within the financial sector, allowing companies to agree on distributed business models for tokenising assets without having to choose a particular platform’s technology first.

If you would like to learn more about tokenisation, please download our white paper on the concept, as well as our webcast that we hosted in March:

If you would like more information on the InterWork Alliance, please register for their webinar on June 22nd:

Adam Belding, Chief Architect

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