Calastone donates to global IT charity Computer Aid after fundraising at Fund Forum International______

Calastone, the global funds transaction network, today announces their gift of €5,000 to charity ComputerAid.

Donations took place at Fund Forum International, where delegates were given Calastone ‘tokens’ to drop at the Calastone stand, with each token having a value of €5.

Computer Aid is a UK-registered charity whose mission is to bridge the global digital divide. They use recycled IT equipment to provide access to technology and digital resources in schools and communities where this would not otherwise be possible.

The funds raised will be put towards a project in Nairobi at Kitui Ndogo slum, to install a Digital Hub at ‘Malezi,’ a local school and community centre. This will provide more than 2784 hours of access to technology per year and impact more than 590 people among teachers, students and school leavers from this underprivileged community. The programme will also include certified ICDL training for 25 teachers from 5 schools, enabling them to cascade training to their students and to implement a digital curriculum in their courses.

Julien Hammerson, CEO, Calastone, adds:

‘Thank you to all of those that attended Fund Forum this year and took part in our fundraising initiative. As a technology company, we believe in the important role that technology has to play in education, and so we are delighted to be supporting the Computer Aid mission to provide equal access to technology worldwide.’

If you would like to learn more about Computer Aid International, please visit their website here:

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