Calastone in Thailand ______

Thailand’s new fund trading model prioritises cost, transparency and connectivity

One connection to Calastone’s largest global funds network gives Thai fund firms access the world’s leading funds and investors without changing custody processes and partners or having to use extra intermediaries, such as sub custodians.

This avoids firms incurring additional cost while making sure they have full visibility over the status of each trade and the full support of a proactive support team.

This enables Thai:

  • fund managers to position their funds with international distributors in all the major Asian and European fund centres.
  • distributors to give investors access to a wider range of international mutual funds.

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Why Calastone?

In Asia, Calastone is the primary provider of mutual fund automation and connectivity in Taiwan (TDCC) and Hong Kong (HKMA-CMU). We hold this position because we are trusted by local and international fund firms to connect them to over 2,600 financial organisations in 47 countries and territories.

Firms choose to work with us for a variety of reasons:


Fund managers
  • Convenience – Connect once to FundConnext to access Calastone’s largest global funds network without having to change your existing custody arrangements
  • Access new investors – Position your funds with all Calastone’s local and international distributors with just one connection
  • Control and transparency – Manage you own custody account without any intermediary (i.e. sub-custodian)
  • Cut counterparty risk – Keep all assets in the name of the distributor/custodian/fund management company
  • Cut risk, manage cost – Retain your preferred custody arrangements and keep assets in any account name.
  • Convenience – Connect once to FundConnext to know that you are connected to all the local and international fund managers you want to partner with
  • Wider fund offering – Give investors access to the largest funds range possible with one connection to all the international fund managers on the Calastone network
  • Keep cost down – Transaction costs are paid by the order receiver not the order sender
  • One connection to every fund manager – Calastone instantly connects you to all your trading counterparties globally
  • Value added services – Easily access services to manage trailer fees, KYC/AML, and static data

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