IMpower Fund Forum International 2024______

We were delighted to sponsor once again the Fund Forum International on 24 – 26 June 2024 in Monaco. The conference gathered more than 1400 of the world’s most influential asset and wealth managers to discuss the future of wealth management, customer alignment and digital transformation, the rise of EFTs and illiquid investment solutions and asset allocation, tokenisation, tokenidata and technology.

Our product experts took part in various discussions during the conference and we also hosted a series of short and interactive presentations on our stand. The presentations covered key developments and trends driven by technology innovation in the funds industry. There was an opportunity to meet and discuss any questions with our experts at the end of each session.

Calastone stand presentation: Tokenisation – the path to adoption

Tuesday 25 June, 11:00 AM – Calastone stand (40)

Over the past year, the investment industry has made significant strides towards the widespread adoption of tokenisation. In this session, Calastone will present an update on these advancements, showcasing key developments and their impact on the market. Learn how tokenisation is evolving and will transform traditional investment models by enhancing efficiency and opening new opportunities for investors and asset managers. This session is essential for anyone looking to stay informed and competitive in the rapidly evolving digital investment landscape.

Calastone stand presentation: Distribution 3.0 – accessing the emerging digital distribution venues

Wednesday 26 June, 11:00 AM – Calastone stand (40)

This session will delve into the transformative world of Distribution 3.0, focusing on the innovative concept of tokenisation and its role in revolutionising market access to new digital distribution venues. Gain valuable insights into the latest advancements and practical applications of digital distribution channels. Discover how these emerging venues are enhancing efficiency, transparency, and opportunities for asset managers and investors. This is a must-attend session for those looking to navigate and thrive in the evolving landscape of digital investment distribution.

Global leaders supersession: How are CEOs delivering meaningful differentiation today?
Tuesday 25 June, 14:30 PM
– Leaders Stage
Moderator: Brian Godins, CCO, Calastone

It takes a new ecosystem… The rise of neobanks and other platforms creating more sustainable value for the end investor – and our businesses
Wednesday 26 June, 12:30 PM
– Leaders Stage
Moderator: Edward Glyn, Head of Global Markets, Calastone

How tokenisation, blockchain are revolutionising fund issuance and distribution: Reshaping how investment products reach clients
Wednesday 26 June, 12:30 PM
– Distribution Stage
Speaker: Simon Keefe, Head of Market Solutions, Calastone

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  • Brian Godins

    Brian Godins

    Chief Commercial Officer, Calastone
  • Edward Glyn

    Edward Glyn

    Managing Director, Head of Global Markets
  • Simon Keefe

    Simon Keefe

    Managing Director, Head of Market Solutions

Event details

25 - 26 June 2024