Webinar: Thai investors continue with their appetite for new funds______

Securing exposure to rebounding markets post 2020 has become a primary goal for Thai investors. Thai fund managers and distributors need to deliver the right set of solutions to support investors as they seek better outcomes.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • How will the eye of the investor shift in 2022 and beyond? Is the global equity trend a bubble waiting to happen?
  • Are domestic fund firms able to access the global funds market at the right price and convenience? What is coming down the pipe and what more could be done?
  • What obstacles need to be overcome to create a more convenient and simple way to access the international funds market place and investor set?


  • Leo Chen (Moderator)

    Leo Chen (Moderator)

    Managing Director - Head of Asia


  • Thiranuch Thampimukvatana

    Thiranuch Thampimukvatana

    Assistant Managing Director and Head, Foreign Investment Fund

    Thanachart Fund Management

  • Tim Niranvichaiya

    Tim Niranvichaiya

    Managing Director, Thailand

    StashAway Asset Management Thailand

  • Paul Liu

    Paul Liu

    Singapore CEO, Head of Intermediary Distribution, S.E.A

    BNY Mellon Investment Management