Tokenisation – The next generation of investing______

Tokenisation - The next generation of investing

Download the presentation that Edward Glyn, Managing Director, Head of Global Markets, Calastone presented at the 36th IIFA Annual Conference, 24-25 October 2023, Limassol, Cyprus.

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Whitepaper: Practically applying tokenisation in asset management

In this white paper, we assess both the present and future states of tokenisation in asset management – exploring key recent developments, the different approaches to tokenisation that are currently being pursued, and the opportunities that lie ahead. The paper addresses several key questions on how tokenisation can be applied including:

  • When we say tokenisation, what do we mean by it? What is actually being tokenised and for what purpose?
  • What are the different models for tokenised investment products, and what are their distinctive advantages?
  • What steps must the industry take to realise the opportunities of tokenisation, and what could the future look like?

Podcast: Making tokenisation a reality with Adam Belding, CTO, Calastone

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