sub register ______


Calastone Sub-register creates shared, real-time views of the registers between trading partners at every point in the distribution chain. We believe transparency is one of the keys to risk reduction.

Once an order has been submitted and settled, our Distributed Market Infrastructure automatically reflects the trade on a shared sub-register that can be viewed by both the distributor and the fund manager.

By creating an external, reliable and accurate history of all orders and register events the sub-register directly supports our clients’ business continuity planning. It allows clients to understand and access trading information in real-time, helping them plan for outages in various parts of the administration chain.

Calastone Sub-register delivers key advantages:

  • Shared visibility on the sub-register for all trading parties
  • Highly robust technology and accurate data form a single, immutable version of the truth
  • Reduced reconciliations and errors as trading partners have access to the same high-quality data
  • Directly contributes to disaster recovery and business continuity planning

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