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Calastone is a financial technology company. Our mission is to make markets friction-free by connecting trading partners through our global fund transaction network. With connectivity across 34 countries and territories, more than 1,300 customers are now processing domestic and cross border transactions via Calastone, benefiting from the cost and risk reduction opportunities transaction automation can offer.

Our purpose is to use smart technology solutions and industry collaboration to enable global distribution, reduce operational risk and enhance client profitability. Calastone has offices in London, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and Sydney.

In order to represent the best interests of the industry, Calastone is actively involved with the following organisations; TISA (Tax Incentives Savings Association), TEX (TISA Exchange), WMA, NICSA, ALFI, SMPG, FPG, FSC, AMPS, HKIFA, IMAS, ACSA and Irish Funds.

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The mutual funds market operates globally with funds managed in one domicile being distributed globally into multiple distribution markets.

Calastone’s cross-border solution enhances a client’s existing offering by giving distributors more flexible and cost effective ways of placing trades into cross-border funds.

This automated solution will improve the efficiency of our offering to intermediaries as we continue to enhance our coverage of the intermediary market across Europe.

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Our Commitment

Collaborate, listen and innovate

  • To continue to collaborate, listen and innovate in response to industry demands. All our products and services are designed in response to customer and industry requirements, underpinned by efforts to provide operational and service support
  • To continue to help our ever-expanding community of participants reap the benefits of costs and risk reduction through interoperable automated processing, and take advantage of the domestic, regional and international investment opportunities on offer
  • To offer knowledge, insights and innovation drawn from our experience and expertise
  • To represent the best interests of our clients through active industry and regulatory engagement. We are devoted to continuing to engage, innovate and help participants address the increasing demand for greater transparency, efficiencies and investment performance


More than 1,300 customers process domestic and cross-border transactions across our transaction network


Coverage within the UK, and 60% coverage in both Luxembourg and Ireland


Different types of messaging formats and standards, which are independent from the network, and over 7 million fund messages globally over the network per month


Active trading connections with offices in London, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, and Sydney

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